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Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Global Water Initiatives (GWIs)

About theGWI images  Project

Global water initiatives (GWIs) are institutions whose fundamental purpose is to advance the knowledge base regarding the world's inland water and its management. GWIs comprise professional societies, designated time periods, organized events, and intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Additionally, since the 1980s, the core aim of many GWIs has expanded to include an active social and policy component. Thus, the mandate of many of these initiatives now includes attempts to improve access to potable water and sanitation across the globe.

In view of the great diversity of water-related issues, knowledge generation and social change are achieved by many institutions of several types.

Although global water initiatives have existed for more than a century and their numbers have increased palpably since the Second World War, surprisingly little has been written on their collective activities and impact.

The aim of the Udall Center's Global Water Initiative Project is to redress this paucity of research on global water initiatives and to help answer key questions on the genesis, operation, and influence of the most significant initiatives, and to better understand the nature of their interactions.

Research Team
Robert Varady, Ph.D., Deputy Director and
Director of Environmental Programs

Andrea K. Gerlak, Ph.D.
Senior Policy Associate, Udall Center
Director of Academic Development,
International Studies Association, and
Visiting Professor of Political Science

Emily McGovern, M.A., Research Analyst

Arin Haverland, M.S., Graduate Research Associate
Ph.D. candidate, Arid Lands Resource Sciences


Robert Merideth, Editor in Chief
Udall Center Publications

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