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Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Global Water Initiatives (GWIs)

Publications: Journal articles, chapters, essays, and reviews

In Preparation

Beyond hydrosolidarity: Ethics in today’s water resource management
Gerlak, A., R. G. Varady, and A. Haverland. In preparation. To be submitted to Water International.

Globalizing Water: Governance Through Global Water Initiatives
Varady, R. G., and E. Dellinger McGovern. In preparation. Udall Center Publications Monograph Series.

The International Hydrological Programme … and the “world of water”
Varady, R. G., and M. Iles-Shih. In preparation.


Presentations, Testimony, Essays, and Reviews

Global water initiatives and world water governance
Varady, R. G., K. Meehan, and J. Rodda. 2009. Keynote address, presented (by Varady) at the Advancing the Science of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) biennial Aquatic Sciences Meeting. Nice, France. 25-30 January.

Globalizing water: Governance through global water initiatives
Varady, R.G., and E. Mc Govern. 2008. Presented (by Varady) at the Second Isla Victoria Workshop, The Future of Water. Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Club of Rome, others. Bariloche, Argentina. 12-16 May.

Charting the emergence of global water initiatives in world water governance
Varady, R.G., K. Meehan, and E. McGovern. 2008. Keynote address, presented (by Varady) at the International Conference on Exploring Transdisciplinary Discourses: Water, Society and the Environment in Africa. Organized by North-West University, in collaboration with International Water History Association (IWHA). Drakensberg, South Africa. 20-24 April 2008.

Historical approaches to water governance and policies: Local to global paradigms
Varady, R. G. 2008 and 2007. Presented at the First Short Course on World History of Water Management. UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education. Delft, Netherlands (September).

A flood of institutions? Sustaining global water initiatives
Varady, R. G., and K. Meehan. 2006. Keynote talk, presented (by Varady) at the conference, Water, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones. Urumqi, Xinjiang (October); International Symposium on History, Water and Engineering. Delft University of Technology. Delft, The Netherlands. (November).

Water issues and institutions: Transboundary basins and global water initiatives
Varady, R. G. 2007. Presented to the Arid Lands Resource Science Class Lecture (ALRS 564), The University of Arizona. (February). (pdf)

Global water initiatives: What do the experts think? Report on a survey of leading figures in the “world of water”
Varady, R. G., and M. Iles-Shih. 2005. Presented at the Workshop in Impacts of Mega-Conferences on Global Water Development and Management, Bangkok, Thailand (January); Instituto Mexicano De Tecnología Del Agua, Cuernavaca, Mexico (August). (pdf)

Global water initiatives: Their evolution and significance
Varady, R. G. 2004. Presented at the 2004 AWRA International Specialty Conference, Good Water Governance for People and Nature, Water Roles for Law, Institutions and Finance? Dundee, Scotland (August 29-September 2.). (pdf)

Global water initiatives
Varady, R. G. 2004. Seminars presented at Frauenhofer Institute of Technology Systems and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe, Germany (April); Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Society, Norrkoping, Sweden (May); Tampere University of Technology Institute of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, Tampere, Finland (May).

Global water initiatives: some preliminary observations on their evolution and significance
Varady, R. G. 2003. Presented at 3rd Conf. of International Water History Assoc. Alexandria, Egypt (December).


Global Water Initiatives: A Selected Bibliography
Merideth, R. 2007 (pdf)