Project partners organized and participated in a bike tour along the Liberty Bike Boulevard on Friday, April 14 2017 from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. They rode a 4.5-mile track that comprises two roads in the southern side of Tucson: Liberty Ave. and San Fernando Ave. from 44th St. at the north to Los Reales Rd. to the south. These roads connect several schools, residential buildings, a church, a post office, and a fire station, as well as bus stops and parks nearby...
To collectively identify 3-5 sites along Liberty Bike Blvd. for potential green infrastructure implementation projects that demonstrate mutual benefits
​We facilitated a workshop on April 20, 2017 at the offices of the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDPT) offices (201 N Stone Ave.). Partners co-facilitated this workshop that included a presentation by Andrew Bemis (TDOT) on the work done by TDOT and the scope of the bike boulevard project. Irene Ogata from Tucson Water described Tucson Water’s programs that aim to increase green infrastructure through grants. A mapping exercise, led by Mead Mier (Pima Association of Governments) helped to identify criteria for prioritizing GI demonstration projects. This mapping exercise served as a collaborative effort to prioritize criteria and evaluate potential areas to start engagement. Joaquin Murrieta (WMG) presented his experience in identifying opportunities and constrains around GI projects.​
On August 8 2017, Dr. Joaquin Murrieta talked with STAR students about GI and ways in which they can work on their Science class to invent devices that would make this technology more efficient. The students are working on a proposal to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to fund them in this effort.
The Lapan College Club is an organization that helps Wakefield School students apply to college and to different funding opportunities. They have worked with TYLO for a number of years and have successfully mentored students who have graduated debt free. They also have other programs including a soccer league, robotics, professional portfolio sessions, and a theater company. We met with them on August 1, 2017 at their office in the Wakefield School at 9th Ave. and 44th St. Our TYLO partners are facilitating collaboration with Lucy Kin, the Director of the Lapan College Club, to help introduce our project and engage the students and their families.