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Our mission is ecological science and policy research to address the impacts of human society and global change on ecosystems.  Our objective is to contribute to the development of policies that protect ecosystems while sustaining their contributions to human well-being.

We use the concept of ecosystem services as a means to evaluate the complex interactions between ecosystems and species, the services they provide, and human well-being.

Our ecological research seeks to understand the ways that functioning ecosystems provide services to humans. Our policy research investigates the use of innovative collaborations, agreements and policies to protect and add value to ecosystems and their services.  

The geographic and topical scope of our work focuses on the ecosystems and people of the region encompassing the US southwest and northern Mexico, as well as the broader, continent-wide, transborder ecological and social connections between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.



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Market forces and technological substitutes cause fluctuations in the value of bat pest-control services for cotton

by L López-Hoffman, R Wiederholt, C Sansone, KJ Bagstad, P Cryan, JE Diffendorfer, J Goldstein, K LaSharr, J Loomis, G McCracken, RA Medellín, A Russell & D Semmens. 2014. PLoS One, 9(2): 7p.

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Laura Lopez-Hoffman AZ Illustrated Nature Monarch Butterfly Panel

AZ Illustrated Nature | Feb.24.2014

Laura López-Hoffman appeared on AZ Illustrated Nature in a discussion about Monarch butterfly conservation in North America. more>

EarthSky | Dec.12.2011
(en español)
Laura López-Hoffman discusses the economic and benefits (ecosystem services) of bats. more >

C-SPAN | Mar.11.2011
Laura López-Hoffman appears on a panel on climate change at the Tucson Festival of Books. more >

UA News | Jun.30.2010
López-Hoffman discusses the border fence's environmental impact. more >

KUAZ-FM Radio | Mar.04.2010
Laura López-Hoffman discussed the book Conservation of Shared Environments: Lessons from the U.S.-Mexico Border, of which she is lead editor.
more >


          International Journal of Wilderness

2013 USFS Research Award

Laura López-Hoffman and co-authors Jay Diffendorfer and Darius Semmens (both with the U.S. Geological Survey) were awarded the 2013 Chief of Forest Service’s Excellence in Research Application award for their 2013 paper in the International Journal of Wilderness:

How do migratory species add ecosystem service value to wilderness? Calculating the spatial subsidies provided by protected areas (link)

The award noted that their work is “an outstanding example of current research to assist managers in developing decision support tools and communicating tradeoffs to a diverse set of stakeholders.”

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