López-Hoffman Lab

Laura López-Hoffman, Ph.D. | profile
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Assistant Research Professor of Environmental Policy, Udall Center
520-626-9851 | lauralh@email.arizona.edu

Ruscena Wiederholt, Ph.D. | profile
Assistant Research Scientist
520-626-9868 | rwiederholt@email.arizona.edu

Aaron Lien, M.S. | profile
Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Student
520-626-9868 | amlien@cals.arizona.edu

Claudia Reynoso | profile
Undergraduate Research Assistant
520-626-9868 | claudiar@email.arizona.edu

Alfredo Leal-Sandoval

Ta-Ken Huang — incoming

Michael Kotutwa Johnson — new

Natalya Canyon Robbins Sherman — new

Kaitlin Libby — new

M. Sofia Rodriguez McGoffin — new

Ashly Lona — new


Kimberly Baeza, M.S. (master's degree student)
Yamillett Carrillo
, Ph.D. (post doc)
Jon C. Cline
, Ph.D. (post doc)
Kelsie LaSharr Carrie Presnall, M.S. (master's degree student)
Matt Skroch, M.S. (master's degree student)
Colleen Svancara, (Graduate Research Assistant, M.S. student)
Wendy Vanasco, (Research Specialist)

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