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border collage2010 Hermosillo, Sonora

Extensive research has shown that water management agencies in both the United States and Mexico have traditionally not utilized climate information—such as forecasts and projections based on climate modeling—as an integral part of their operational and planning practices.

The goal of this workshop was to identify obstacles to the use of this climate information and collaborate with water managers to incorporate climate information into decision-making processes.


Full Report (English) [PDF] (Spanish) [PDF]

Powerpoint Presentations
Registros Historicos de Lluvias y Temperaturas [PDF]
Sobrevista [PDF]
Caso de Estudio: Hermosillo [PDF]
Río Sonora [PDF]
Sonora Sí [PDF]
Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change, Variability, and Growth in Tucson [PDF]
CAP and Planning for Times of Shortage [PDF]
Resource Planning and Supply Uncertainty [PDF]
Management and Climate [PDF]
Icebreaker [PDF]
Breakout Group [PDF]

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sarp   2009 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Decision-makers, water managers, environmentalists, and emergency preparedness planners joined with a binational group of multi-disciplinary researchers in the coastal city of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora to discuss problems related to water, climate variability and climate change in the border region.

Full Report [PDF]

Powerpoint Presentations
Planta Desaladora de Agua de Mar en Puerto Peñasco [PDF]
Condición Hidrológica en el Noroeste de México [PDF]
Mesas de Trabajo I and II [PDF]
Moviéndonos Adelante [PDF]
Plan Estatal de Acción Climática [PDF]
Cambio Climático: Reto Adicional a la Gestión Sustentable del Agua Urbana [PDF]
Aspectos Climatológicos de la Zona Costera del Noroeste de México [PDF]
Resumen de IAI [PDF]
Survey Results [PDF]

  SARP participants

2009 Jiutepec, Morelos

Full Report and Recommendations (English) [PDF] (Spanish) [PDF]

Jiltepec workshop1   Jiutepec workshop2

Jiutepec Workshop3
Jiutepec Workshop4



2008 Hermosillo, Sonora

Full Report (English) [PDF]