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UC Business Office and Administrative Services

The Udall Center Administrative Team maintains the UC Biz Web site to allow UC employees and associates increased access to policies, forms, web site links, and other information.

Site maintenance is an ongoing process; information will be periodically added and updated. Please provide feedback on what would make this site more useful for you via the link below.

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  Initial Proposal Checklist
  UA F&A Agreements
  ERE Document
  Sponsored Projects Services
  Sponsored Projects Services Proposal Checklist
  Sponsored Projects Services Proposal Quick Reference
  Sponsored Projects Services Proposal Routing Sheet
  NSF Budget Template
  Sponsored Projects Services Website
Assists campus investigators and departmental staff by providing financial management services related to externally funded projects
  UA Foundation
  UA Foundation Proposal Checklist
  UA Foundation GIFT Center Website
Service of the UA Foundation that offers UA faculty, staff, and development personnel support with their non-governmental charitable grantseeking activities
  Fee For Service
  FFS Proposal Checklist
  FFS Sales and Service Transmittal Sheet
  UC Travel & Expense Planning Memo
Outlines departmental steps and procedures to follow for purchases, payments, and reimbursements for university-related travel and the associated expenses
  U.S. State Department - Current Travel Warnings
Link to State Department's current travel warnings which must be considered when students and employees are travelling internationally
  Mexico Travel Policy
Current departmental policies and procedures for student and employee travel to Mexico

  GRA Travel Warning Release Form
Form which must be completed prior to students travelling to countries with current State Department travel warnings in place (for example - Mexico)
  Travel Reimbursement Form (UA)
Used to prepare travel expense information and receipts for presentation to your travel processor (UA paid travel)
  Travel Reimbursement Form (non-UA)
Used to prepare travel expense information and receipts for presentation to travel processors (non-UA paid travel)
  Per Diem (Domestic)
Chart of lodging and meal per diem rates for domestic travel (State of Arizona Per Diem Rates)

  Per Diem (International) Website
Link to US Department of State foreign per diem rates for international travel

  UA Motor Pool Website
Listing of available UA motor pool vehicles for use and reservation

Travel Authorization: Instructions and Forms
  The Udall Center has been granted Executive Permission to authorize travel to Mexico. If your home department is not Udall, you must obtain a signature from your department's authorized representative and have a copy sent to Donna Sloan (dpsloan@email.arizona.edu) or Denise Lum (dlum@email.arizona.edu) at the Udall Center (copies do not need to be submitted before departure, but sometime soon after your return). Further details on travel policy can be downloaded below or found by clicking this link.
  Required document checklist:
  Travel Authorization
Outlines departmental steps and procedures to follow for purchases, payments, and reimbursements for university-related travel and the associated expenses

  Supplemental Travel Authorization Form for Travel Warning Areas
If traveling as a group, only one needs to be completed and all group members listed.
  Assumption of Risk and Release
  Terra Dotta International Travel Registration and Resource Portal
Use document number from your Travel Authorization form.
  Export Control Form
If you are taking equipment (computers, GPS, sensors, laptop, cell phone, software, data, schematics, equipment) etc.) you must fill out an export control form.

  Overview of Export Control Process

  UC Recruitment, Hire, and On-boarding Checklist
Current Hiring Form

  Check in list for New Hires
Current check in list for hiring of new staff

  ERE Rates
Current ERE rates by employee classification

  Graphic Designer Hiring Form
Form to complete and submit to UC Business Office to hire a graphic designer

  Graphic Designer Suggested Rates
Departmental suggested reates of pay for temporary graphic designers and consultant graphic designers

  Intependent Contractor Hiring Form
W-9 form for independent contractors

  GRA Rates 2014-2015
Current GRA pay rates

  GRA Hire Checklist
Departmental checklist to process hiring of GRA's

  UC Purchasing Policy
  UC Purchasing Procedures
  PCard Dos and Donts
  UC Department PCard Policy
  Object Codes
General Information
  UC Useful Information
Document of Useful Information for Udall Staff

  UC Phone Directory
Link to departmental staff listing and contact information

  UC Org Chart
Organizational chart of department staff
  UC Who Does What
Helpful outline of department staff's area of responsibility

  UC Procedures for IRB submissions
Udall Center Procedures for IRB submissions
  UAccess Website
Link to homepage of UAccess system
  Entering Time in UAccess
Instructions on how to property enter time in the UAccess system

  UC Conference Room Usage Memo
Departmental policies regarding the use of department conference rooms

  UC Parking Policy
Departmental policies regarding parking at the Udall Center

  UA Holiday Schedule
Schedule of University observed holidays

  Voicemail Quick Reference
UITS guide to using University telecommunication services voicemail system
  UC Letterhead
  UC Fax Coversheet
  NNI Letterhead
  NNI Fax Coversheet
Information Technology
  Intent to Create a Website / Web page Form
  UC Research & Outreach Web Guidelines
  UC IT Ticket System
  UITS Website
  UITS 24/7 Support
  UITS Email Services