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MapFor Prospective Students

If you are interested in graduate study and research at the confluence of water resources and policy, we currently have RA positions open or are expecting award decisions on proposals with RA positions in the following topical areas:

• The water – energy nexus
• Effluent and wastewater management and policy
• Agricultural-urban water transfers
• Coupled natural-human watershed systems

More details of current projects and proposals submitted are available on request.

Geography is interdisciplinary and provides an extremely enriching intellectual home. We collaborate extensively across social and physical science disciplines. Our current and past students have come from degree programs in geography, hydrology, interdisciplinary field studies, climatology, engineering, and economics. After completing their degrees, students have gone on into academia, agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Our ex-students can be found across the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and India.

For Dept. of Geography & Regional Development application materials, procedures, and deadlines, see http://geog.arizona.edu/graduate/apply.php.


Christopher Scott
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