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Climate & Water Adaptation
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Water Reuse & Wastewater Irrigation
Mexico – Water Management
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New York Catskills Watershed & Water Quality
Selected Policy Outreach and Scholarly Presentations


Climate & Water Adaptation

Scott, C.A., N. Pineda Pablos. 2011. Innovating resource regimes: water, wastewater, and the institutional dynamics of urban hydraulic reach in northwest Mexico. Geoforum. [pdf]

Scott, C.A. In preparation. Climate, energy, and population drivers of aquifer depletion. For submission to Water Resources Research.

Halper, E., C.A. Scott, S. Yool. In preparation. Urban heat island, vegetation, and residential water use in Tucson, Arizona: a multi-scale investigation. For submission to Geographical Analysis.

McKay, J., E. Lopez Gunn, C.A. Scott, G. Keremane, Z. Wu, D. Eaton, T. Harter. In preparation. Groundwater management plans: elusive goals for equity and environmental sustainability. For submission to Water Resources Research.

Celio, M., C.A. Scott. Submitted, in review. Social inequalities and adaptation to climate change: lessons from irrigated agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, South India. Regional Environmental Change.

Sugg, Z.P., M.S. Moran, C.A. Scott, W. Van Leeuwen, G. Nearing, C. Holifield Collins, P. Heilman, R. Bryant. Submitted, in review. Hydrologic response to pulse storm events during a native to exotic transition in a semiarid grassland. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

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Coles, A.R., C.A. Scott, G.M. Garfin. 2009. Weather, climate, and water: an assessment of risk, vulnerability, and communication on the U.S.-Mexico border. In Proceedings of the 89th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, Arizona, January 11 – 15, 2009. [pdf]

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Ela, W., C. Graf, T. Poulson, J. Baygents, J. Theron, P. Fox, C.A. Scott. 2008. Salinity management and desalination technology for brackish water resources in the arid West. Summary report of workshop on “Improving Salinity Management and Desalination Technology for Brackish Resources in the Arid West” Sponsored by Arizona Water Institute, Bureau of Reclamation. June, 2008. [pdf]

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McKinney, D.C., X. Cai, M.W. Rosegrant, C. Ringler, C.A. Scott. 1999. Modeling water resources management at the basin level: review and future directions. System-wide Initiative on Water Management Paper No. 6. International Water Mgmt. Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka. [pdf]

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Transboundary Waters

Scott, C.A., S. Megdal, L.A. Oroz, J. Callegary, P. Vandervoet. In review. Assessment of United States – Mexico transboundary aquifers facing climate change and growth in urban water demand. Climate Research.

Vandervoet, P.L., S.B. Megdal, C.A. Scott. Submitted, in review. Los acuíferos rransfronterizos Santa Cruz y San Pedro de Arizona y Sonora: Estado actual y creación de bases de datos (The Santa Cruz and San Pedro transboundary aquifers of Arizona and Sonora: Current status and database creation) In G. Cordova, J. Dutram, B. Lara, and J. Rodriguez (Eds.) Fortaleciendo el diálogo social: El desarrollo humano transfronterizo en la región Sonora-Arizona (Strengthening social dialog: Transboundary human development in the Sonora-Arizona region). Universidad de Sonora. Hermosillo, Sonora.

Scott, C.A. J.P. Venot, F. Molle. Submitted, in review. Water, land, and development in comparative Arizona – Israeli – Palestinian perspective. Invited contribution by S.B. Megdal, R.G. Varady, S. Eden (eds.) Aridity, scarcity and shared water resources: Arizona, Israeli and Palestinian perspectives on solving water management challenges. UNESCO, Paris.

Milman, A., C.A. Scott. 2010. Beneath the surface: intranational institutions and management of the United States – Mexico transboundary Santa Cruz aquifer. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 28: 528-551. [pdf]

Browning-Aiken, A., C.A. Scott, R.Varady, S. Megdal. 2010. Spanning Transboundary Waters in North America (Atravesando las aguas transfronterizas en América del Norte, Traverser les eaux transfrontières en Amérique du Nord). Newsletter of International Network of Basin Organisations. [pdf]

Scott, C.A., F. Flores-López, J.R. Gastélum. 2007. Appropriation of Río San Juan water by Monterrey city, Mexico: implications for agriculture and basin water sharing. In Special issue “Transfer of Water from Irrigation to Urban Uses: Lessons from Case Studies,” Paddy & Water Environment. 5(4): 253-262, DOI 10.1007/s10333-007-0089-3. [pdf]

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Water-Energy Nexus

Scott, C.A., M.J. Pasqualetti. 2010. Energy and water resources scarcity: Critical infrastructure for growth and economic development in Arizona and Sonora. Natural Resources Journal 50(3): 645-682. [pdf]

Eden, S., C.A. Scott, M.L. Lamberton, S.B. Megdal, R.G. Varady. Submitted, in review. Energy-water interdependencies and the Central Arizona Project. Invited contribution by D. Kenney and R. Wilkinson (eds.) The Water-Energy Nexus in the American West, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.

Scott, C.A., S.A. Pierce, A.L. Jones, M.J. Pasqualetti, B.E. Montz, J.H. Hoover. Submitted, in review. Energy and water resource coupling under global change. Energy Policy.

Hoover, J.H., C.A. Scott. Submitted, in review. Electrical energy for water and wastewater services in Arizona: Assessing the implications of urban growth. Journal of American Water Resources Association.

Scott, C.A., B.R. Sharma. 2009. Energy supply and the expansion of groundwater irrigation in the Indus-Ganges basin. International Journal of River Basin Management 7(2): 119–124. [pdf]

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IWMI. 2003. The energy-irrigation nexus. Water Policy Brief No. 10. International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka. [pdf]

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Water Reuse & Wastewater Irrigation

Scott, C.A., A. Browning-Aiken, K.J. Ormerod, R.G. Varady, C.D. Mogollon, C. Tessmer. In press. Guidance on Links between Water Reclamation and Reuse and Regional Growth. Water Reuse Research Foundation, Arlington VA.

Scott, C.A., P.F. Robbins, A.C. Comrie. Submitted, in review. Post-paradigmatic geographies of health: Human-pathogen interactions in changing environments. Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

Ormerod, K.J., C.A. Scott. In preparation. Highly treated wastewater to supplement potable water supplies: public trust in the next water frontier. For submission to Society and Natural Resources.

Campbell, A. and C.A. Scott. In preparation. Water reuse policy: A decade of residential reclaimed water use in the Southwest United States. For submission to Water Policy.

Browning-Aiken, A., K.J. Ormerod, C.A. Scott. In review. Testing the climate for non-potable water reuse: opportunities and challenges in water-scarce urban growth corridors. Journal of Environmental Planning & Policy.

Drechsel, P., C.A. Scott, L. Raschid, M. Redwood, A. Bahri (eds.). 2010. Wastewater Irrigation and Health: Assessing and Mitigating Risks in Low-Income Countries. Earthscan, London. [download]

Ensink, J.H.J., C.A. Scott, S. Brooker, S. Cairncross. 2009. Sewage disposal in the Musi River, India: water quality remediation through irrigation infrastructure. Irrigation and Drainage Systems, doi 10.1007/s10795-009-9088-4. [pdf]

Gerba, C.F., C.A. Scott. 2008. Animal and human waste as vehicles for cross-contamination of imported foods. In M. Doyle and M.C. Erickson (eds.) Safety of Imported Foods: Microbiological Issues and Challenges. American Society of Microbiology Press, Washington, DC, pp. 113-138. [pdf]

McCartney, M., C.A. Scott, J.H.J. Ensink, B.B. Jiang, T.W. Biggs. 2008. Salinity implications of wastewater irrigation in the Musi River catchment, India. Ceylon Journal of Science 37 (1): 49-59. [pdf]

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co-author of chapters in this volume:
Scott, C.A., N.I. Faruqui, L. Raschid-Sally. Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture: management challenges in developing countries, pp. 1-10. [pdf]

Silva-Ochoa, P., C.A. Scott. Treatment plant effects on wastewater irrigation benefits: revisiting a case study in the Guanajuato river basin, Mexico, pp. 145-152. [pdf]

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Mexico – Water Management

Scott, C.A., P. Silva-Ochoa. 2010. Collective action for sustainable water harvesting irrigation. In Resources, Rights, and Cooperation: A Sourcebook on Property Rights and Collective Action for Sustainable Development. International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC. pp. 53-55. [pdf]
[link to complete sourcebook]

Scott, C.A., S. Dall’erba, R. Díaz-Caravantes. 2010. Groundwater rights in Mexican agriculture: spatial distribution and demographic determinants. The Professional Geographer 62(1): 1-15.[pdf]

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South Asia – Water & Environment

Scott, C.A., M. Akhter. 2010. Book Review: Taming the Anarchy: Groundwater Governance in South Asia (by T. Shah, 2009, RFF Press). Human Ecology 38(4): 581. DOI 10.1007/s10745-010-9310-x. [pdf]

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Sharma, B.R., R., C.A. Scott. Watershed management challenges: introduction and overview, pp. 1-21. [pdf]

Sakthivadivel, R., C.A. Scott. Upstream-downstream complementarities and tradeoffs: opportunities and constraints in watershed development in water scarce regions, pp. 173-185. [pdf]

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New York Catskills Watershed & Water Quality

Scott, C.A., M.F. Walter, G.N. Nagle, M.T. Walter, N.V. Sierra, E.S. Brooks. 2001. Residual phosphorus in runoff from successional forest on abandoned agricultural land: 1. Biogeochemical and hydrological processes. Biogeochemistry 55(3): 293-309. [pdf]

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Selected Policy Outreach and Scholarly Presentations

Ormerod, K.J., C.A. Scott, A. Browning-Aiken. 2009. Expanding water reuse: public trust in the next water frontier. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 24, 2009. [pdf]

Hoover, J.H. and C.A. Scott. 2009. The Arizona water-energy nexus: electricity for water and wastewater services. Presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 24, 2009. [pdf]

Scott, C.A. 2009. Adapting to water scarcity and changing climate. University of Arizona Environmental Summit, 22 April 2009. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2009. Expert opinion on the water-energy nexus, General Accounting Office, Natural Resources and Environment Committee investigating water and power plant siting, Tucson, April 8, 2009. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2009. Flujo de información a tomadores de decisión. Dimensiones Humanas de Ciclones Tropicales (Information flows to decision-makers. Humans Dimensions of Tropical Cyclones), organized by Centro de Ciencias de la Atmósfera, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Acapulco, 13 March 2009. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2009. The global commodification of wastewater. Panel on New Trends in Regulation, Symposium on Water Governance: the Public-Private Debate, organized by Unité Mixte Internationale (University of Arizona and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and Center for Sustainability of semi-Arid Regions and Riparian Hydrology, University of Arizona, 4 February 2009. [powerpoint]

R.G. Varady, R.G., G. Garfin, M. Wilder, C.A. Scott, A. Browning-Aiken, B. Morehouse, N. Pineda, A. Coles, J. McEvoy, K. Sammler, A. Ray, D. Gochis, T. Cavazos, L. Farfan, R. Díaz. 2009. Institutions and societal impacts of climate in the Arizona-Sonora portion of the U.S.-Mexico border region (poster), Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-12 March 2009. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2009. Cactus, riparian habitat, and turf grass: water budget and policy implications of vegetation change under urban heat island and effluent irrigation in the southwest U.S. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 15-19 Dec. 2008. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2008. Building shared vision: assessment of transboundary aquifers along the United States – Mexico border. International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes, and Groundwater: Management Responses, University of California – Irvine, UNESCO, USGS, 1-5 December 2008. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2008. The global water and sanitation challenge: progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Keynote address at Focusing Arizona’s Water Research (Arizona Water & Pollution Control Association, Arizona Water Institute), Phoenix, Oct. 29, 2008. [powerpoint]

Pasqualetti, M., C.A. Scott. 2008. Water and renewable energy with rapid growth in the Arizona-Sonora border region. Arizona-Mexico Commission, Water Committee, Phoenix, 20-21 June 2008. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2007. Energy boom and groundwater bust: Mexico’s water-energy nexus with implications for the U.S. border region. First Western Forum on Energy and Water Sustainability, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, 22 March 2007. [powerpoint]

Scott, C.A. 2007. Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture: closing the rural-urban-rural water loop. Departmental Seminar Series (Soil, Water & Environmental Science), University of Arizona, 19 February 2007. [powerpoint]

Ensink, J.R., C.A. Scott, et al. 2006. Urban wastewater impacts on the spatial distribution of solutes and microbial constituents in the Musi River, India. American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Baltimore, 23 May 2006.

Scott, C.A. 2004. Strategic challenges in India’s water management, Green Business Council, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Hyderabad, 17 June 2004. [powerpoint]

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