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Group Members

2007 Kerri Jean Ormerod Christopher Scott
2008 Jamie McEvoy Zach Sugg Prescott Vandervoet
2009 Andrea Prichard Tabitha Spence Dan Griffin
2010 Lily House-Peters Joel Biederman Kirstin Neff
  Joyce Valdovinos Eliza Benites  
Joseph Hoover Ashley Coles Oscar Lai
  Kate Sammler Jenna Bloxom Grey Niering
  Dustin Garrick Melissa Mauzy Majed Akhter
  Matt Skroch Anne Campbell Octavio Ulloa

Chris ScottChristopher A. Scott is Associate Professor of Water Resources Policy at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, with a joint appointment as Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development. His work focuses on the policy dimensions of global change (climate change and urban growth) with particular emphasis on urban wastewater and water reuse, the water-energy nexus, transboundary water resources, agricultural-urban water transfers, and binational U.S.-Mexico climate and water policy. Scott holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in hydrology from Cornell University, B.S. and B.A. degrees from Swarthmore College, and Professional Engineering registration in New York. He has 10 years of experience living and working in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mexico (with the International Water Management Institute), in addition to two years in Honduras and two years in India with nongovernmental organizations. He speaks fluent Spanish and Hindi, and working Nepali and German. Immediately prior to his arrival at the University of Arizona in July 2006, he was a senior international project manager with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Md., where he led National Weather Service collaboration with Mexico and India.

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Research Assistants/Associates and Staff

(SGD is School of Geography and Development)


Kerri Jean Ormerod
PhD candidate, SGD (MA 2010), with research on public perceptions of water reuse, effluent policy and regional planning. Kerri Jean received a 2008 Margaret Trussell Scholarship from the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Women's Network, a summer 2008 grant from the Water Sustainability Program (Univ. Arizona), and a travel grant from the Institute for Study of Planet Earth and Graduate and Professional Student Council, Univ. Arizona to attend and present a paper at the workshop Waste - The Social Context '08, Edmonton, Canada, 11-15 May 2008.
WRPG member since 2008.


Prescott Vandervoet
Prescott Vandervoet is a Research Analyst with the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona. He works on the Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program, which is jointly managed by the Water Resources Research Center at the U of A and the United States Geological Survey. Prescott earned his M.A. in Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona in 2008. His graduate work focused on community valuation of natural resources in the binational Colorado River Delta as well as risk perception by undocumented migrants along the Arizona-Sonora border. Prior to graduate school Prescott worked 2.5 years for the Arizona Department of Agriculture in Nogales, Arizona where he carried out monitoring and inspections for injurious pests and phytosanitary certification. He received a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona in 2001.
WRPG member since 2008.

P. Vandervoet
  Jamie McEvoy
PhD candidate, SGD, with broad research interests in human-environment interactions, political ecology, and issues of environment and development in Latin America. Specifically, Jamie is interested in using water as lens to study differential power relations and the processes of uneven development. She is currently working as a research associate on a NOAA-SARP examining how urbanization and climate change affect water use and water management in northern Mexico (“Moving Forward: Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change, Drought, and Water Demand in the Urbanizing Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico”). In 2008, Jamie completed a masters degree in Environmental Sociology at Utah State University on migration and the feminization of agriculture in southeast Mexico. She also worked as a research assistant on a project that explored the human dimensions of water quality and adoption of best management practices among dairy farmers in northern Utah.
WRPG member since 2008.
J. McEvoy
  Andrea Prichard
Andrea Prichard is a MA candidate in SGD with a research assistantship in the US-Mexico Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program. Her interests include sustainable development, water resources, climate change, drought, flooding, and sanitation in developing countries. Andrea participated in paleoclimate studies conducted at the University of Tennessee and has worked as a naturalist and environmental educator in Oregon, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Costa Rica. She has received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to study civil engineering and conduct hydrophilanthropy projects in Latin America following her Master's degree at the University of Arizona.
WRPG member since 2009.

Lily House-Peters
Lily House-Peters is a PhD student in SGD, with research interests in international urban water management in arid lands, hydrology, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the development and institutionalization of alternative water technologies and practices. Lily received a 2010 NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship to research drivers and barriers to achieving water sensitive urban design in the residential sector of Melbourne, Australia. She has examined issues associated with urban water supply and demand in a number of countries, including India, Israel, Spain, and Australia. She is currently a graduate research associate on the NSF Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CNH) project, titled "Strengthening resilience of arid region riparian corridors: Ecohydrology and decision-making in the Sonora and San Pedro Watersheds." WRPG member since 2010.


Student Members


Zachary Sugg   
MA candidate, SGD, with research interests in invasive species, hydrology, land use change, climate and water availability, and transboundary water management, especially groundwater. Zach was previously at World Resources Institute in Washington, DC where he worked on the environmental impacts of changes in domestic biofeedstock production in response to federal renewable fuels mandates, in addition to research on agricultural subsurface drainage, mapping global hypoxic and eutrophic zones, and GIS-based hydrologic analysis of terrestrial water quality threats to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.
WRPG member since 2008.

Zac Sugg
  Tabitha Spence
MA candidate, SGD, with research interests in local water management alternatives in developing countries, urban waste management in South Asia, and human dimensions of global change, particularly in the realm of addressing and adapting to climate change in the third world. Tabitha is a graduate research assistant on the International Water Management Institute wastewater irrigation project.
WRPG member since 2008.
  Daniel Griffin
PhD candidate, SGD, Global Change minor with research interests including paleoclimatology, climate change, science translation, and the potential for applying tree-ring data in drought planning. Dan was previously at the University of Arkansas Tree-Ring Laboratory where he worked on reconstructing regional scale rainfall and streamflow history in California, as well as other tree-ring related projects in the southern US and Mexico. He is affiliated with the Climate Assessment of the Southwest and was named a Biosphere 2 Science and Society Fellow for the 2009-2010 academic year.
WRPG member since 2009.

Joyce Valdovinos
Joyce Valdovinos is a PhD student in Geography and Urban Planning at the Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3. She is affiliated with the Center for Latinoamerican Research and Documentation (CREDAL) and is member of the CNRS Urban Water Research Network (res-EAU-ville). Following a BA (summa cum laude) at UNAM University (Mexico City) in International Relations she worked for the Mexican National Water Commission and participated in the organization of the 4th World Water Forum. She graduated from the Research Master's Program in International Relations and Political Science at Sciences Po Paris with a thesis on the role of multinational water companies and local authorities in water services in Mexico City and Paris.
Joyce's current doctoral research focuses on the usage of corporate governance principles by water companies in the United States and Mexico within the construction of a multilateral space for water. WRPG member since 2010.


Eliza Benites
MA graduate student in sociology, University Paris III, with research interests in mechanisms of urban sprawl and water issues, and particularly water rights transfers and reclaimed water.
Eliza prepared a bibliographical note about urban sprawl and water for the University of Arizona - France Partner University Fund, with Nadine Cattan at UMR 8504 Géographie-Cités/ CNRS Paris. Her current work consists of establishing a link between theory and case studies (Marana, Oro Valley, and Foothills). She is particularly interested in considering urban sprawl in terms of infrastructure, like water and transportation networks (road construction and public transportation). WRPG member since 2010.


Joel Biederman
Joel Biederman joined the University of Arizona in Fall 2010. His training is in civil and environmental engineering, with a focus on natural treatment systems for small-scale wastewater treatment. Joel is pursuing a Ph.D. in Hydrology and Water Resources, and he is interested in the translation of scientific research results for decision making. Joel's current research seeks to understand the impacts of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation on the hydrology of mountain catchments, where snowmelt is the major source of water for millions throughout the West. Joel hails from Oregon but arrived in Tucson from Connecticut, where he spent several years teaching math and science. WRPG member since 2010.


Kirstin Neff
Kirstin Neff is an M.S. candidate in Hydrology and Water Resources, with research interests in assessing the impacts of climate change, development and population growth on the water quantity and quality of aquifers. She is a graduate research assistant in Hydrology and Water Resources, modeling groundwater in the San Pedro River basin. As an undergraduate at Wellesley College, she conducted research on U.S. immigration policy towards Mexico as well as the impacts of watershed development on the littoral community of Lake Baikal. WRPG member since 2010.


Chris Scott's advisees, not currently participating in WRPG meetings

  Kathryn "Cado" Daily
MA candidate, SGD, with research interests in sustainable water use with an emphasis on rain and stormwater harvesting. Cado is a Program Coordinator for the UA Cooperative Extension Cochise County Water Wise program and recently received a UA TRIF grant to create a Rainwater Harvester Certificate and Demonstration program.
WRPG member since 2008.
  Eve Halper
PhD candidate, SGD, with research on urban heat island and water demand using remote sensing and GIS, and valuation of landscape vegetation. She successfully holds a job at the US Bureau of Reclamation while completing her dissertation.
WRPG member since 2007.

Previous Members


Joseph Hoover
MA, SGD, 2009, currently PhD student, University of Denver, with research on energy requirements for water and wastewater services in Tucson and other Arizona urban areas, and in the U.S.-Mexico border growth corridor. Joe received a grant from forum organizers to attend and present a paper at the Border Energy Forum XV, Monterrey, Mexico, 23-24 October 2008. WRPG member 2007 – 2010.



Joseph Hoover

Ashley Coles
PhD candidate, SGD, with research interests in water, climate, and vulnerability particularly in the U.S.-Mexico border region. Ashley received a grant from Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research to attend Joint IAI/NCAR Colloquium "Seasonality and Water Resources in the Western Hemisphere", Mendoza, Argentina, 6-17 October 2008. She was a graduate research associate on the IAI Information Flows and Policy project. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.

ashley coles
  Oscar Lai
MA candidate, Latin American Studies and Public Administration, with research interests in decentralization reforms and their impact on natural resource management. His summer 2009 research in Honduras addressed decentralization and its effect on urban and rural water management. Oscar previously worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in central Honduras where he collaborated with NGOs, government agencies, and rural communities on the design, construction, maintenance, and management of rural water systems. He was a graduate research assistant on the NOAA Moving Forward project. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.



oscar lai

Kate Sammler
PhD student, SGD, with research interests in climate change and water resources. She recently completed a graduate research assistantship on the NOAA Moving Forward project. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.

  Jenna Bloxom
MA, Center for Latin American Studies, currently PhD student at Colorado State University, with research interests in water policy implications of biofuels, specifically palm oil in Central America and algae in the state of Arizona. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.
  Grey Niering
PhD candidate, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, with research interests in semi-arid hydrology. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.
  Dustin Garrick
PhD, SGD, currently Fulbright recipient and post-doc with Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO). Dustin's research examines the policy and institutional dimensions of emerging paradigms for sustainable water governance. His PhD research focused on the intersection of water markets, water rights reform, and freshwater ecosystem services by applying a law-and-economic approach to comparative policy analysis. His dissertation evaluated the design and performance of market-based policy approaches to restore environmental flows for salmon and steelhead habitat in the Columbia Basin. This research built on a suite of interdisciplinary water policy research projects, including climate variability and water shortage in the Lower Colorado River Basin, groundwater management in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, and freshwater conservation policy across the Western U.S. and at the international level. WRPG member 2008 – 2010.

  Melissa Mauzy
MA candidate, SGD, with research interests in water policy, integration of science and policy, climate change, paleoclimatology, drought, ecology, evolutionary biology, botany, and arid river systems. She is currently enrolled in the Water Policy Graduate Certificate Program. Melissa is currently working on incorporating previously produced paleoclimate drought data into urban water management plans for the state of California. She was previously employed with the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program where she developed an exotic plant management plan for Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monuments using GIS technology. WRPG member 2009 – 2010.

Majed Akhter
PhD student, SGD, with research interest in the historical and economic geography of the Indus river in South Asia. This involves examination of topics like agricultural policy and economics, irrigation, watershed hydrology, remote sensing, and postcolonial political ecology. Majed has been trained as an engineer and an economist. Before coming to the University of Arizona, he was working as an exploration economist for an oil and gas company in Karachi, Pakistan. He was a graduate research associate on the NSF Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructures (RESIN) project. WRPG member 2009 – 2010.


Matt Skroch
MS candidate, School of Natural Resources, with interests in trans-boundary conservation planning emphasizing ecological services and ecosystem restoration. WRPG member 2009 – 2010.

Matt Skroch

Anne Campbell
MPA, Public Administration and Policy. Her interests are in policy setting, politics and collaboration within Pima County and Tucson in the areas of water use and alternative energy. Anne has a B.A. from Clark University in Economics. Prior to graduate school, Anne worked in the commercial insurance industry where she acquired extensive experience in risk management, research and strategic policy development. Her goal is explore alternative approaches to water and energy use that expand the local economy and sustain our natural resources. Her summer 2009 research was supported on the NSF Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructures (RESIN) project. WRPG member 2009 – 2010.

Anne Campbell
  Octavio Ulloa
BA, Cultural Anthropology, currently Ameri-Corps volunteer in Austin, Texas, with research interest in community based conservation practices, water availability and use, climate change, civic participation in development issues, and creation of environmentally sustainable habitats that promote education opportunities in ecology and sustainable practices. Octavio worked with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology for two years along the US-Mexico border researching topics of sustainable development and schoolyard habitats. In 2008-2009 he received the Claude Bart Fellowship for international development and presented at the 2009 Society for Applied Anthropology. He was a 2009 fellow of the Graduate Summer Research Institute. WRPG member 2009.


Udal Center

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