Sunnyside Unified School District recognizes the work of Tucson Verde para Todos

07/30/19 06:51:pm

By Adriana Zuniga

Last April 9, 2019, the Governing Board of the Sunnyside Unified School District recognized the work of the team working on the project Tucson Verde para Todos at their offices located at 2238 E Ginter Rd., Tucson, Arizona. School District Superintendent, Steven Holmes, gave a certificate to Marsha Flores – the Principal at Star Academic High School, to Joaquin Murrieta – Cultural Ecologist at Watershed Management Group, to Andrea Gerlak – Associate Professor at the University of Arizona and leader of the project, and to Adriana Zuniga – Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Arizona. Mariana Rivera Torres, the University of Arizona Graduate Student who led the student engagement team for art and education, received the certificate on behalf of Gerlak and Zuniga.

Superintendent Holmes, and Governing Board official with J. Murrieta, M. Rivera, and M. Flores.
From left to right – M. Rivera, M. Flores, and J. Murrieta.

The Governing Board recognized this project for its impacts on reducing the heat island effect in the south side of Tucson in general, and at the Star Academic High School, in particular. The project focuses on engaging communities to promote the implementation of green infrastructure in this side of town to address environmental justice issues and help communities adapt to climate change.

Andrea Gerlak and Adriana Zuniga with their recognitions from the Governing Board of Sunnyside Unified School District.

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