Acoustic records of Promops centralis (Thomas, 1915) (Chiroptera, Molossidae) in corn agroecosystems of northwestern Mexico

Leal-Sandoval, A, A Tepatlán-Vargas, G López-Segoviano, OO Linares-Holguín, P Sanchez-Peña, L López-Hoffman. 2020.

Check List 16:1269-1276.                

The Big Crested Mastiff Bat, Promops centralis (Thomas, 1915), is widely distributed from Mexico to South America but has yet to be reported in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. We collected 122 acoustic recordings of P. centralis from tropical dry forest and agroecosystems in Sinaloa and Sonora for two years (2015 and 2016). We documented a new record for P. centralis outside the known distribution area in northwestern Mexico. Our results reveal that the current P. centralis distribution needs to be reevaluated.