Opportunities for UA student engagement: UA team receives funding to address the environmental injustice around green infrastructure at local high school in Tucson, Arizona

April 4, 2018
Implementation of green infrastructure (photo: J. Murrieta).

Implementation of green infrastructure.

(photo: J. Murrieta)

The University of Arizona (UA) Green Fund recently awarded funding for the project “Addressing environmental injustice around green infrastructure in Tucson, Arizona.” Led by Adriana Zuniga (CAPLA and Udall Center) and Andrea K. Gerlak (School of Geography and Development and Udall Center), the project seeks to address environmental injustice around green infrastructure in Tucson by designing, implementing and evaluating a green infrastructure project at STAR Academic High School. It builds on a larger effort to engage with the local community around the social justice dimensions of green infrastructure funded by the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice, and close collaboration with local organizations including Watershed Management Group (WMG), Tierra y Libertad Organization, (TYLO), and the Sonoran Institute (SI). More information can be found here.

We are reaching out students who might be interested in participating in the project. There are a wide array of engagement opportunities for UA students from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, from planting a tree to designing artwork and educational materials with STAR students, local NGOs and community partners.This project offers a hands-on experience of interdisciplinary work, while addressing environmental and social justice right here in Tucson. 

There are multiple opportunities to get involved including volunteering, internships, independent study, and a few paid positions, all beginning in the fall 2018 semester. If you are interested, please contact Adriana Zuniga (aazuniga@arizona.edu) or Andrea K. Gerlak (agerlak@arizona.edu) to learn more and join the conversation and effort.