Our Culture

As an organization dedicated to informed policymaking, we know the importance of clear guidelines, compelling incentives and shared goals. Together, we create a work culture that advances, not only our productivity, but also our individual and collective well-being.

o   We strive for clarity and transparency in our expectations, decision-making and communications.

o   We empower our people and support their advancement through training, professional development and mentoring.

o   We choose our projects with purpose and intention: we prioritize quality over quantity and are careful to focus our efforts on work that reflects Udall Center values.

o   We appropriately balance our time and energy between funding obligations and professional passions.

o   We see our colleagues, hear their voices, weigh their ideas, appreciate their efforts and celebrate their accomplishments.

o   We create space for growth with compassion and forgiveness. We recognize the value in failure and make room for mistakes.

o   We actively build our own community: opening doors, crossing bridges and drawing strength from our responsibilities to one other.