Our Values

We conduct research that enables informed governance. While policymaking requires art as well as science, we support the knowledge elements of that equation by providing quality data and astute analysis as a resource for the people who shape communities and societies.

We have the greatest impact when we work with partners at home, across campus and around the world. We are intentional in our connections and form teams that advance the goals of all participants. Whether facilitating dialogues or interacting one-on-one, we recognize the value that diversity brings to the table when working to solve complex problems and hold to the importance of inclusion, listening, clear communication, integrity and respect.

We are committed to strengthening diverse communities. We reach people on the ground, meet them where they are and honor the systems in which they live and work. We feel deep responsibility and accountability to the communities we engage and aim to create value and respond to need with our work. By building sustainability and autonomy at the community level, we strengthen the larger societies those communities form.

We employ the power of creative problem-solving grounded in ethics, evidence and science. We actively look for new opportunities and boldly take on fresh challenges. We apply learning and knowledge in original ways and encourage innovation by our partners, stakeholders and all the constituencies we serve.