Andrea K. Gerlak

Director, Udall Center Professor, School of Geography and Development

Andrea K. Gerlak

Director, Udall Center Professor, School of Geography and Development

Andrea K. Gerlak is a research professor at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona, and professor in the School of Geography and Development.

Her research focuses on institutions for governing water resources. She examines cooperation and conflict around water, including questions of institutional change and adaptation to climate change in rivers basins, and human rights and equity issues in water governance.

Gerlak is a senior research fellow with the Earth System Governance Project, an international social science research alliance exploring political solutions and novel, effective governance mechanisms to address global environmental challenges. She recently served as a Lead Author on the Earth Systems Governance Science and Implementation Plan, which sets out the agenda for the next decade of earth system governance research.

She serves as a co-editor for the  Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, an international journal published by Taylor and Francis providing a forum for the critical analysis of environmental policy and planning. She also is a member of the editorial board for Anthropocene,  a journal addressing the nature, scale, and extent of the influence that people have on Earth.

Gerlak has over ten years’ experience building, administering, and teaching in interdisciplinary environmental studies programs. She has been a faculty member at Guilford College and Columbia University. For nearly a decade, she served as the director of academic development with the International Studies Association where she facilitated academic development across ISA’s academic sections, including developing programs to foster junior scholar engagement and cross-disciplinarity in international studies.


Areas of expertise and research interests 

Water governance and policy  
Global environmental policy  
Transboundary waters  
Groundwater management  
Resilience, adaptation, social-ecological systems  
Western U.S., U.S., Latin America, SE Asia, Europe


Key projects and programs 

Tucson verde para todos: Engaging communities for an equitable, connected and greener Tucson

Arizona Business Resilience Initiative

Advancing Good Practices in Building Interdisciplinarity: Moving Towards User-Oriented Science

From Tucson to Uruguay and Back: Securities and Inequalities in Water Infrastructure

Coupled Networks in Urbanized Landscapes: Linking Ecosystem Services and Governance for Water Sustainability

International Research Applications Program

Groundwater Governance and Management

Actionable Science in Transboundary Rivers



EVS 260: Environmental Studies: Ideas and Institutions 

GEOG 302: Introduction to Sustainable Development 

GEOG 696R: International Environmental Policy and Governance


Udall Center News and blog posts

Gerlak, Andrea K. 2021. Pima County to increase water availability with stormwater. Interviewed by KVOA Tucson News.  September 13, 2021.

Udall Center News.  2020. Udall Center joins Universities Partnership for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy. Udall Center news post, January 28, 2020.

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Udall Center blog post. 2017 Gerlak, Andrea K. and Adriana Zuniga-Teran. Sharing our research on green infrastructure and community engagement with communities in Ayacucho, Peru. October 4.

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Udall Center blog post. 2017 Zuniga-Teran, Adriana and Andrea K. Gerlak. Engaging low-income communities in the development of a greenway in Tucson, Arizona. February 27.

Published Op-eds
Gerlak, Andrea K. 2017. Rural America left out of Trump's water infrastructure plan. The Hill, June 13, 2017.

Gerlak, Andrea K. and Helen Ingram. 2017. World Water Day — an agenda of radical change for America’s waters.The Hill, March 22, 2017.

Gerlak, Andrea K. 2016. Potential for agreement? Reinvesting in America’s water infrastructure. The Hill, November 30, 2016.

Published op-eds

Gerlak, Andrea K. and Jeanne Neinaber Clarke. 2021. Tucson Opinion: With south-side PFAS water contamination, history repeats itself. Arizona Daily Star, July 14, 2021.

Varady, Robert G., Andrea K. Gerlak, and Stephen P. Mumme. 2021. ‘Megadrought’ along border strains US-Mexico water relations. The Conversation, July 1, 2021.

Gerlak, Andrea K. 2020.  Heat waves to heighten energy and water insecurity during COVID-19The Hill. August 10, 2020.

Selected publications

De Vito, Laura, Chad Staddon, Adriana A. Zuniga-Teran, Andrea K. Gerlak, Yolandi Schoeman, Aimee Hart, and Giles Booth. 2021. Aligning green infrastructure to sustainable development: A geographical contribution to an ongoing debate. Area 00: 1–10.  

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  • Ph.D. Political Science, University of Arizona
  • M.A. Political Science, University of Nevada
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