The Udall Center Fellows Program—Ongoing Since 1990

For three decades we have maintained the University of Arizona’s only visiting-fellows program. With support for teaching releases from RII, deans, and departments, we have hosted 152 University of Arizona faculty Fellows from 42 departments, spanning 10 colleges. This competitive, peer-reviewed program has featured research on such diverse policy domains as mental health, welfare, elective politics, foreign affairs, philanthropy, bioethics, and corporate behavior.

General Policy Themes

Supplementing the broad scholarship resulting from the Fellow Program, we have undertaken studies of general, cross-cutting policy themes. Among these are sustainability, policy learning, public participation, and adaptive capacity related to a range of themes in our applied-policy research and engagement. Our scholarly publications have featured policy analysis of how these concepts operate in real-world situations, especially in transboundary and Indigenous settings.

Projects relating to ​Public Policy, Writ Large