Evaluación del proyecto de saneamiento transfronterizo en Ambos Nogales. Identificación de lo homogéneo y lo diverso [Cross-border sanitation project evaluation in Ambos Nogales. Identifying the homogeneous from the diverse]


This article aims to characterize the Ambos Nogales population according to the opinions of the impacts generated by the expansion and modernization cross-border sanitation system project during 2000-2018 and identify ex post evaluation criteria to strengthen governance strategies for the public policies on water and sanitation. A representative random survey was applied at the city level. The information analysis was performed using  the  hierarchical  cluster  and  multiple  correspondence  analysis  methods.  The  results show the formation of groups of cities or population segments with high internal homogeneity and high intergroup heterogeneity. This empirical evidence allows us to build a typology of public opinion. Finally, to improve public opinion on this project, a series of actions aimed at promoting sustainable transboundary governance are proposed.